Food delivery

By Expat from the…, 24 December, 2021
Fries in Amersfoort

One of the good things about the Netherlands is that it's very easy to get a food delivery to practically everywhere you can imagine. The choices of the food can be depended on where you live. Typically the Dutch people have a tradition to order Fries, pizza and Chinese food. The chance is very high you are able to at least order one of these foods. I will explain in this blog post how you can order, how you can pay and what you can do if delivery takes a very long time.

How to order food delivery

I will explain how it works with one of the biggest food delivery service. I will also name some alternatives, the procedure will be approximately the same with them.

On your phone you can download an app with the name of Thuisbezorgd or you can go to their website The site works in other languages than Dutch to. You start with entering your address, which is your street-name and house-number and the place where you live. It's also possible to enter your zip-code but then you should not forget to add your house-number later.

What follows are the restaurants you can choose from. The restaurants usually have a minimum amount you have to order before they can make profit on delivering food. A small amount of delivery costs can also be charged.

After you picked the delicious foods you liked to order you proceed to the checkout. Here you should check your address carefully. Also enter a real phone-number, if for some reason there is something with your order or delivery they can call you. You can also add a note for delivery, like if your bell is not working to call you or text you to open the door.

How to pay

The most used payment method is iDeal. Other possibility's are cash, credit card, Paypal and even bitcoin possible. Depending on the payment method there will be some additional costs here also.

What to do if delivery of food takes a long time

Thuisbezorgd has a system for tracking your order. You can see exactly in which state of preparation your food is and you can see where the delivery guy is if he is on his way to bring you the food. Around six in the evening and on holidays is usually the most busy time for the restaurant, expect delivery will take longer. But if you've waited for an hour and nothing happened, please call the restaurant for the status. In my experience you can always call them to ask if order came through correctly. They will respond with expectation when your food will come.


Alternatives to order food are Domino's, New york pizza and Uber Eats.