Dutch sim card

By Expat from the…, 24 December, 2021
Dutch simcard expat

This blog post is intended to help you find a Dutch provider for your sim card in the Netherlands. In search of providers which had a good translated website I could not find any. KPN did try partially, but it is poorly implemented. The Netherlands T-mobile did not have it. Vodafone also not. It is recommended to do a right-mouse click to translate the site for you. All providers in th Netherlands will offer you call, texting and internet(4G and 5G) possibility's.

Best providers

I started this post by mentioning the best providers in the Netherlands. They have their own network, very good coverage and a good customer service. Depending on your needs it's very easy to get a Dutch sim card. If all you need is a prepaid sim card you could even get it from the supermarket(Albert Heijn). Going to a phone shop or ordering online is also possible. You can use the sim card for calling, texting and internet after you've put money on it.

Monthly subscription

You can get a monthly subscription for your phone at a telecom provider store or from their website. You have to fill in some forms and supply the needed documentation like a copy of your ID for example. This process is normally very fast and within a couple of days you could have a sim card with a monthly subscription. I would recommend a monthly subscription because it's more easy, no more charging of sim card necessary. Also mostly it's cheaper, one exception could be if people are always calling you but you don't call anybody yourself.

Monthly subscription with phone

You can also get a new phone with your subscription. Then you will pay monthly for the phone as well. The worth of the phone is divided by 12 or 24 depended on the length of your subscription, the result will be added to the monthly subscription. If you are planning on buying a house someday, remember if you get this subscription and the phone's worth is over 250 euro it will be registered at BKR. If you want to get a mortgage it will be lower in this case. Don't worry it is possible to pay the remaining amount for the phone at one time so it won't have effect on the mortgage.

Budget providers

There are some budget providers available as well, like Simpel, Simyo and Lebara. These providers don't have their own network but make use of the network from one of the mentioned best providers. Mostly the offer sim-only deals which could be very good price-wise. Since they are using networks of the best providers mostly the experience is good as long as it's working. Customer service is not one of their strength's. They are dependent for help from third party if there is something wrong in the network. If it's not that important to be reachable at all times these budget providers could work great for you.

Internet in Europe

Internet in Europe is in a monthly subscription usually included. For prepaid sim card you would need to buy an internet bundle.

Worldwide internet

Worldwide internet is not included in the price. Be carefully of using it from your sim card. I would recommend only using it in case of emergency. Otherwise change your settings of your mobile so it will not accidentally use internet outside of EU. This could lead to high costs.