How to open a bank account in the Netherlands

By Expat from the…, 16 December, 2021
Canal Utrecht

After I received my Dutch resident card(MVV), It was time to open a bank account and to recieve my debit card.

I am familiar with two banks in the Netherlands: ABN Amro and the ING bank.

I did open my account at ABN Amro bank.

How to open a bank account at ABN Amro

In 2019 when I applied for opening account, I needed to make an appointment and bring my documents to the bank. But nowadays because of the corona situation, you can do complete application of the bank account online. Look at the website of the bank for the exact documentation you've need to complete the application. Usually the bank needs some copy of your identification.

Recently with these three steps you can open account in Abn Amro bank:

Step 1: Open an account for yourself using your mobile. You can download the application of the bank on your phone. No need to make an appointment or visit your branch.

Step 2: When opening your bank account online, you can provide proof of identity in digital form directly. With any Dutch ID or an international passport.

Step 3: Once you’ve opened your account, you will receive your debit card within five working days. You can then start banking online in the Netherlands.

This is the website of the Abn Amro bank for more information:

Here is the link to download ABN Amro application:

Android: ABN Amro


How to pay

In the Netherlands it's common to use a Meastro debit card to pay in stores. Don't expect to be able to pay with credit card in for example a supermarket, you need to use your Meastro debit card you receive from your bank. If you buy online from Dutch webstores you can pay directly with iDeal. From your bank you receive a card reader(Abn amro) or you get a verification code by sms(ING) to finish the payment or to login to your bankaccount. For small amounts(under 50 euro) you can simply hold your meastro debit card against the payment machine to make the payment. You only need to enter your PIN code after certain amount of time.

Tikkie payment request

I want let you know about the Tikkie mobile application, it is very handy in the Netherlands. Simply request a refund, for example via WhatsApp. It works with a bank account from any bank. You can send the request for example by a whatsapp message. In this manner one person of a group can buy a gift for somebody, the one person will send a payment request(Tikkie) to everybody in the group so everybody in the group paid the amount they wanted to contribute.

Here is the link to download Tikkie application for android: Tikkie

And here for iOS: Tikkie