Questions about relocating to the Netherlands

By Expat from the…, 13 December, 2021
Fries in Amersfoort

You don’t know anything about the Netherlands and you are worried?

Don’t worry, everything is alright. During these two years I received many questions from different people in different channels like Linkedin, Instagram about How is life in the Netherlands, where can I start, how can I rent a house, how can I change my driving licence, how can I use 30 percent ruling and so on.

I had the same feeling when two years ago I accepted my job offer and decided to relocate to the Netherlands, now I want to share my experiences with you. Hopefully it can be helpful and decrease your stress level and response many of your questions and makes you more relaxed.

Are you relocating to the Netherlands soon?

Do you want to start living in the Netherlands?

I will soon add blog posts about advise how to search for housing in the Netherlands. What to bring when you come for the first time. Don't forget you're umbrella. :)

Do you have job offer from the Netherlands?

Do you want to come to the Netherlands for study?

Also I will add blog posts of what to expect of for example health care and how it is arranged. How the salary system works and many more interesting information.