Corona measures in the Netherlands

By Expat from the…, 20 December, 2021
Covid measures Netherlands

Update: The measures in this article are currently released and not valid anymore. See for the latest advises the following link to government information.

The information about corona measures in the Netherlands in this blog post is based on the press conference of prime minister Mark Rutte from the 18th of December. These measures will be effective immediately until the 14th of January 2022.

There was an announcement of a lock down for the coming period because of the spread of the Omnikron version of Corona. A lot of knowledge is not yet known of Omnikron to be sure what exactly the effects would be. But they knew this version spreads a lot faster and in the different calculated scenarios this would give to much pressure on the healthcare system.

The lock down means only essential shops which are selling food can be open. There will be no organized events. It remains possible to send and receive packages. At home you can receive two adult persons with exception of Christmas and New year where you can receive four adult persons.

Basic rules for everyone

  • Wash your hands¬†often and well.
  • Stay 1.5 meters apart.
  • If you have symptoms, stay at home and get tested as soon as possible.
  • Ensure a good flow of fresh air indoors.

At home and at work

  • Stay at home as much as possible.¬†If you do go out, limit contact with others and stay 1.5 meters apart.
  • If you test positive for coronavirus, you must self-isolate. The people you live with must self-quarantine, even if they have been vaccinated or have had coronavirus before.
  • If you had contact with someone who has or may have coronavirus and are unsure whether you need to self-quarantine, do the Quarantine Check.
  • Work from¬†home.¬†If this is impossible, stay 1.5 meters apart at work.
  • Receive no more than 2 visitors aged 13 and over per day. On 24, 25 and 26 December and on 31 December and 1 January the maximum number of visitors aged 13 and over is 4 per day.
  • Limit visits to one a day.
  • Do a self-test before visiting others or receiving visitors.
  • People aged 70 and over are advised to limit contact with others. Keep 1.5 meters apart from others, also from children.

Most locations closed

Most locations are closed, including: 

  • Food and drink venues such as restaurants and bars.
  • Locations for artistic and cultural activities, such as cinemas, theaters and concert halls.¬†
  • Zoos and amusement parks.¬†
  • Indoor sporting locations, such as gyms and swimming pools.
  • Non-essential shops such as clothing shops, department stores and hardware shops.¬†

A few locations may remain open: 

  • Essential shops such as supermarkets, pet shops, chemists, opticians and wholesalers may¬†open from 05:00 to 20:00.¬†
  • Service providers such as lawyers and notaries may be open for their regular opening hours.

Ban on events

There is a ban on events. Events are therefore not possible.

Education and childcare 

  • Daycare centers¬†for children aged 0 to 4 are open.
  • From Monday 20 December 2021 to Sunday 9 January 2022¬†primary schools and schools for special primary education will be closed. Out-of-school care facilities (BSO) will also be closed.
    • Schools will be open to provide emergency childcare for vulnerable children and the children of key workers in crucial sectors.¬†
    • BSO facilities are only open during this period to provide emergency childcare.
    • Schools that are unable to put this emergency childcare into place in time must close no later than Tuesday 21 December 2021, as must out-of-school care facilities.¬†
  • Secondary schools¬†will be¬†closed from Monday 20 December 2021 to Sunday 9 January 2022.
  • Secondary vocational institutions¬†¬†(MBO) will be¬†closed from Monday 20 December 2021 to Sunday 9 January 2022.
  • Higher¬†education institutions (HBO¬†and universities)¬†will be closed from Monday 20 December 2021 to Sunday 9 January 2022.
  • Accredited (further) education may take place in the evenings.


  • All indoor sports venues are closed.
  • Professional sports and swimming lessons for A, B and C level swimming certificates may take place.
  • Outdoor sporting locations may¬†open between 05:00 and 17:00.


  • Within the Netherlands: stay at home as much as possible.¬†If you do go out, limit contact with others and stay 1.5 meters apart.
  • Abroad: the Dutch government issues travel advice per country. If you have holiday plans, travel smart. Traveling is still a risk, and will remain a risk.¬†Check the travel advice on¬† (in Dutch).

Source of above information, Dutch government.

For more information go the website of the Dutch government.

Coronatest and vaccination approvement

You can make an appointment for a free GGD test by using this official website. There is also a link to make an appointment for vaccination. Its also possible to call the GGD to make an appointment, lately there is a possibility you can not get connected because it's to busy on the phone-lines to GGD.

You can download the corona check app on your mobile to download the proof of vaccination. Before the lock-down you needed this app to enter many places to visit, like restaurants. Big chance it will come back after lock-down.