By Expat from the…, 6 April, 2022

In April 2022 there are several official holiday days around Easter and Kingsday. At most companys you would not have to work on these days.

Good friday

The friday before the Easter weekend starts is called good friday and will be on the 15th of April 2022. Good friday is also known as holy friday and is the Christian holy day to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary.

By Expat from the…, 25 December, 2021

I will explain the process of buying a car or renting a car in the Netherlands and what you need to arrange before you can drive.

Buying a car

Registration of your car

Can a foreigner buy a car in the Netherlands you might want to know, to start with. A foreigner can buy a car in the Netherlands if they meet the requirements for registration of the car. Every car needs to be registered at Netherlands National Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority (RDW).

By Expat from the…, 24 December, 2021

One of the good things about the Netherlands is that it's very easy to get a food delivery to practically everywhere you can imagine. The choices of the food can be depended on where you live. Typically the Dutch people have a tradition to order Fries, pizza and Chinese food. The chance is very high you are able to at least order one of these foods. I will explain in this blog post how you can order, how you can pay and what you can do if delivery takes a very long time.

By Expat from the…, 24 December, 2021

This blog post is intended to help you find a Dutch provider for your sim card in the Netherlands. In search of providers which had a good translated website I could not find any. KPN did try partially, but it is poorly implemented. The Netherlands T-mobile did not have it. Vodafone also not. It is recommended to do a right-mouse click to translate the site for you.

By Expat from the…, 20 December, 2021

Update: The measures in this article are currently released and not valid anymore. See for the latest advises the following link to government information.

The information about corona measures in the Netherlands in this blog post is based on the press conference of prime minister Mark Rutte from the 18th of December. These measures will be effective immediately until the 14th of January 2022.

By Expat from the…, 17 December, 2021

When you found the dream job in the Netherlands you want to apply for, you want to show you have the skills for the job. You can be creative in showing your skills on your resume. Remember that mostly the skills wanted in a job advertisement is a wishlist and you don't have to check all the boxes. As an expat coming to the Netherlands you want to make the best impression. 

By Expat from the…, 15 December, 2021

I came to the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant from outside of EU. Today I will tell you more about a highly skilled migrant. If you meet the following requirements and conditions you are regarded as a highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands:
• You do not have the nationality of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland.

• You live outside the Netherlands.

• You have an employment contract with a company located outside the EU.

• You are going to be transferred as a manager, specialist or trainee to a branch in the Netherlands.