Health insurance for expats in the Netherlands

By Expat from the…, 19 December, 2021
Expat healthcare Netherlands

In the Netherlands there is a healthcare system for everybody, it means every citizen of the Netherlands who is living and/or working in the Netherlands needs to have insurance for health care. This is required by law.

Health insurance required by law

This required health insurance is for basic health care, every year there will be decided what will be in the basic package and what health care is additional. If you want additional health care you can add an extra package to your health insurance. Dental care is also provided in an additional package. Additional packages are not required by law.

You are free to choose your healthcare insurance company. At the end of each calendar year(December) you can change to another insurance company for the coming year.

Coverage insurance company

Also there is a choice to make for where you can get the health care which your insurance company will cover. There is a deduction of price if the healthcare insurance company can decide where you can get your health care. Insurance company's have contract with health care providers. If you choose for this deduction you should do research if a health care treatment at a certain health care provider will be fully covered by your insurance company.

Healthcare insurance company's need to accept you by law. No matter in what condition your health is. Price of the health insurance will also be the same if your health condition is not as good.

Until you reach the age of 18 you don't have to pay for health insurance. You would still need an insurance policy off course.

Here is link to government information about the health insurance.

Own risk health insurance

By law it's decided everybody has an own risk of 385 euro. Some treatments will not count for the own risk. In essence it means you have to pay the first 385 euros of health care yourself before the healthcare insurance company will cover the costs of your health care treatment. It's possible to deduce the own risk by the healthcare insurance company, but you would have to pay a bit more each month.

Depending on your salary it might be possible to get some of the monthly paid healthcare insurance back. Look at the website of healthcare benefit for more information.

Visit doctor or hospital

If you're in an emergency just call 112. You will get help no matter if you're insured or not. In all other cases it's common to call your doctor first. After you come to the Netherlands you need to search for a doctor in your area and write yourself in with the doctor. The same is also necessary for the pharmacy and dentist. It's recommended to do this before you need to visit the doctor, pharmacist or dentist.

If you call the doctor they will ask you some questions on the phone by the assistant of the doctor. If necessary the will make an appointment with your doctor. If required your doctor can send you for further investigation to a specialist in the hospital. Or your doctor can prescribe the needed medicines you can get from the pharmacy. Usually the office of doctor and pharmacy are near to each other.